Controversy over exam font reaches legislative assembly - what's the solution? says' Bikashrai Debbarma

 Bikashrai Debbarma in a recent FB post says "The controversy regarding the font of secondary and higher secondary examination papers has reached the holy arena of the Legislative Assembly. The Leader of the Opposition has raised it in the House. Hats off to him for this. However, as there is no detailed news in any of today's Prabhati newspapers, it isn't easy to know exactly what was discussed. There was no way to satisfy the interest, and this regret remained.

As far as the information is available in some examination centers, a good number of blank, i.e. blank answer sheets have been deposited. Whether it is a protest or because of incompetence, let the competent authorities investigate. That is their duty. What would be the solution?

The possible ways that can be adopted are;

Bi-script question papers should be printed and re-examination of Kokborok paper (secondary, higher secondary, both) must be taken. No one has given TBSE the right to play with the future of so many children? Where the official commentary on the font is silent, how is the board making fun of it? One has to hand it over.

Students should be given the freedom to choose the font of their choice while writing the answer sheet. What is wrong with whoever writes in the font of his choice? And the children of their own house who are enthusiastically clamoring for Devanagari to write a few answer sheets in Devanagari script and submit them to the board is undoubtedly a sight to see. Any form of hegemony is condemned in today's world. Could you let the problem be solved properly? That's what I want."

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